Blog Entry 14

Looking through my blog posts from throughout this semester I can safely say that I have studied a broad variety of folk and fairy tales. It’s very eye opening reading through the posts to realize that as much information as they cover, they still only represent a portion of the totality of material I was introduced to throughout the semester. Before this class I was not fully aware of just how many different versions of certain tales there are, and more so that the versions I was familiar with were mostly popular Disney works. It was interesting to see first hand the universality of certain archetypes and themes that pop up in fairy tales of all different cultures. Most notably however, I feel that what I got most out of this class wasn’t the knowledge of the variety or specifics of the fairy tales we covered, but the experience I had in analyzing them and looking at them from new perspectives. There were many times I was forced to think in new ways and try to understand other people’s interpretations which from time to time I didn’t always agree with. This class has really opened up my eyes to different ways of thinking and has helped me to look at a lot of things in a new light.


“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”

– William Butler Yeats


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