Blog Entry 1

I chose this class because it seemed the most interesting honors class offered. I enjoy looking at things that seem relatively simple on the surface but which have much more profound implications when analyzed closely. I’ve had a lot of opportunities to really dig into topics in this way for history papers but I thought it would be interesting to look at something outside my area of study, which this course offers in the form of fairy tales.

In this course I am hoping to develop my analytical skills  and learn about a genre that I have never considered from an academic standpoint before.

I can’t say that I have a favorite folk or fairy tale necessarily. I have always however greatly enjoyed learning about different mythological tales from different cultures, and especially from Greece, Rome, and the Irish/English. I enjoy Greek and Roman myths in part because I enjoy learning about both their histories and cultures in all forms. I enjoy Irish/English myths and folk tales because I feel like it puts me in touch with my heritage and also because I grew up in England until I was eight.